Chez Maman’s Boutique

A selection of Laos’ finest souvenirs is provided by Chez Maman’s boutique in Champasak. Initiated in 2017, this partnership offers to our guests a variety of handicrafts from all over Laos. The : Silk from Phongsaly, cotton from Salavan, knifes fromamazing selection permits to dive into the culture of the numerous and different ethnic groups of Laos the Hmongs community, etc.

Chez Maman’s approach speaks to our guests: it is about creating a respectful and long-lasting relationship with craftsmen and women, offering fair prices to allow them to perpetuate their work and the culture embedded in them, without interfering.

La Folie Shop

Bring home a little bit of La Folie with this selection of products featured at the restaurant, spa, and rooms of the Lodge.

The restaurant products are as much as possible sourced from the region of Champasak and Bolaven plateau.

Cosmetics and Spa products are made in Laos by “Les artisans Lao”, with natural compounds and organic oils.