Spiritual Retreats

La Folie Lodge is the ideal place to host a spiritual retreat.

For the past decade the Lodge has accommodated participant of various retreats: Yoga, meditation, Qi-Qong, Tai-Chi.

As a car-free island, Don Daeng remains a secluded haven of peace and tranquility, far away from mass-tourism.

On top of the sacred mountains on the other side of the Mekong: the Lingaparvata, an abstract representation of Shiva.

The UNESCO world heritage site of the Vat Phu, located on the hills below, litteraly means “mountain temple”. It was originally built during the Khmer era (between 11th and 13th century), and dedicated to Shiva. The mountain is still considered sacred to this day, and visitors with a bit of sensibility may experience strong feelings while visiting the Vat Phu.

Join sisters-in-law and yoga teachers Emily Rose and Vonsesili (Tiak) Saysana for the 2020 edition of their Karma Yoga Retreat at La Folie:

Emily’s website: https://www.emilyroseyoga.com/karma-yoga-laos