Ban Boungkham School

Ban Boungkham is located on the South West coast of the island. With 7 classrooms, it welcomes the children from the four villages around. Setup of basic access to water, toilets, electricity, and a lot of renovations (floor, walls, roof) … Read More

Ban Bangxay school

Ban Bagxay is located south from the lodge, on Done Daeng island. The school construction began in 2005 but was never achieved. Therefore it was a chaotic place for pupils to study : no windows, no hard ground, and poor … Read More

Ban Peuayalo school

Located on the east side of Done Daeng island, Ban Peuayalo is a small village with 218 inhabitants. The existing school was built in 2001, with 4 class rooms made out from bamboo wood. The school urgently needed one more … Read More

Dispensary – First aid on the island

The only dispensary of the island, located in the middle of the island, was built in 1995 and suffered from the hard weather conditions through the years, as well as the lack of proper medical equipment and training for its … Read More

Ban Simungkhoun school

Ban Simungkhoun is a small village located South from the Lodge on Done Daeng island. In 2009, after the Kitsana storm brought devastation to the island, the wooden school was almost collapsing. The project started in 2009, with the guests … Read More
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