Eco-Lodge: Sustainability & Responsibility

The philosophy instilled by the founders since 2007:

– Sustaining the development of the island and welfare of its inhabitants

– Encouraging the protection of the rich local culture and environment

The first step was to entrust local teams from the island and neighboring villages with the construction of the facilities.

Thanks to this project, the electricity was brought to the island.

In the same spirit, for its opening in 2007, the Lodge recruited and trained exclusively people from the island. They account for 98% of the team.

Community Projects

More ambitious projects, regarding essentially health and education, have also been undertaken by the Lodge, with the help of its guests and the villagers.

Lodge and guests bring the funding for materials and equipment, while the villagers bring the manpower, the whole project being followed through by the Lodge’s management.

Some past and current projects are presented here below. All our guests are always welcome to support the projects and visit them while cycling around Don Daeng.

Ethic & Actions

  • Financial or technical help to population after extreme weather events (Hurricane Ketsana in 2011, 2018 floods, 2019 floods…)
  • The Lodge employs more than 50 people, exclusively from the island, at all time (even in low season)
  • All the staff and their families are covered by the Social Security Organization
  • The Lodge offers interest-free loans for and often contributes to medical fees
  • Several trainings are conducted every year: Fire safety, First Aid, English (service team), Kitchen Chef training
  • The Lodge worked on several community projects on the island, such as schools renovations, dispensary refitting, road works, etc., by collecting donations from its guests and from its own budget
  • Through its connection with the people and local authorities, the Lodge emphasize on cleanliness all around the island.
  • Protection of the embankment from erosion by planting protective bushes
  • The Lodge supports local handicraft by offering a selection of products exclusively made in Laos from various ethnic villages
  • Reduction of plastic use in bathroom amenities
  • Various products are sourced locally from fair-trade companies in the Bolaven Plateau.
  • The Lodge does not use any palm oil product and does not use MSG in any dish
  • Plastic bottles, metal cans, glasses are recycled
  • All the organic wastes from the kitchen are used in the organic garden compost
  • No pesticides (roundup) are used in the garden
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