Community Projects

When the decision was taken to build a Lodge on Done Daeng (at the time the island did not access electricity), la Folie Team studied all alternatives for:
  • Sustaining the development of the island and welfare of its inhabitants
  • Encouraging the protection of the rich local culture and environment
The first step was to confide to local teams from the island and neighboring villages most of the building works of the Lodge. In the same spirit, for its opening in 2008, the Lodge recruited and trained exclusively local staff, who now account for approximately 95% of total staff. Furthermore, many day to day measures or small projects have been set up:
  • small materials or equipment for schools
  • tree plantations
  • waste composting and recycling
  • donation of a “Green and Clean” price for the best taken care of properties
  • protection of local architecture
  • financial help to the poorer families for access to electricity (the counterpart being community work hours)
  • amelioration of walking/cycling paths and small river bridges
  • embankments protection green planting
  • Financial or technical help to population after climatic dramas (flooding, hurricanes etc.)
More other ambitious projects, relating essentially to education and health, have also been undertaken by the lodge, with the help of its guests and the villagers, to renovate schools and a dispensary. Lodge and guests bring the funding for materials and equipment, while the villagers bring the manpower, the whole project being followed through by the Lodge’s management. Some past and current projects are presented here below. All our guests are always welcome to support the projects.

Ban Bangxay school

Ban Bagxay is located south from the lodge, on Done Daeng island. The school construction began in 2005 but was never achieved. Therefore it is quite a chaotic place for pupils to study : no windows, no hard ground, and … Read More

Ban Peuayalo school

Located on the east side of Done Daeng island, Ban Peuayalo is a small village with 218 inhabitants. The existing school was built in 2001, with 4 class rooms made out from bamboo wood. The school urgently needed one more … Read More

Dispensary/First aid section

The only dispensary of the island, situated south east from the lodge, was built in 1995 and suffered from the hard weather conditions through the years, as well as the lack of proper medical equipment and training for its 4 … Read More

Ban Simungkhoun school

Ban Simungkhoun is a small village located south of the Lodge on Done Daeng island. In 2009, after the Kitsana storm which hit hard the island, the wooden school was nearly collapsing. The project started in 2009, with the guests … Read More