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Since 2007, La Folie Lodge has hosted numerous retreats with daily group classes : meditation, yoga, qi-gong, tai-chi, etc.

Retreat participants particularly enjoy that La Folie Lodge is located on a car-free island, where sounds and nature make you feel like in a secluded heaven of peace and tranquility.

Nearby, the authentic countryside life of Laos and just in front, the sacred mountains hosting the oldest temple of Laos, Wat Phou

“On top of the sacred mountains on the other side of the Mekong: the Lingaparvata, an abstract representation of Shiva.  The mountain gained spiritual importance from the lingam-shaped protuberance on its summit. The mountain itself was, therefore, considered the home of Shiva, and the river as representing the ocean or the Ganges. The temple was naturally dedicated to Shiva, while the water from the spring directly behind the temple was considered sacred.”

The UNESCO world heritage site of the Vat Phu, located on the hills below, litteraly means “mountain temple”. “It was a part of the Khmer Empire centred on Angkor to the southwest, at least as early as the reign of Yasovarman I in the early 10th century. (…); the temple now seen was built primarily during the Koh Ker and Baphuon periods of the 11th century. Minor changes were made during the following two centuries, before the temple, like most in the empire, was converted to Theravada Buddhist use.

Karma Yoga Retreat

(cancelled due to Covid 19)

A gift of mindful & adventurous experiences

6 nights in Southern Laos

“Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or have been practicing for a long while, a retreat is a way to kickstart new habits for your wellbeing…”

Interested?  Visit Emily’s website for more information: https://www.emilyroseyoga.com/karma-yoga-laos/

and https://retreatsmap.com/retreat/5156-2/

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