The Restaurant

Featuring fresh and quality products sourced as much as possible from local markets, the Bolaven farms, and our own organic garden, La Folie Lodge’s menu offers cuisines ranging authentic Lao to classic western. The open aired poolside restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner under a remarkable roof of wooden tiles. Snacks are also available all day long around the pool. For the most romantic set up, we would suggest to dine under the stars on the garden terrace.

The Bar

Tasty cocktails, fresh fruit juices, local tees and coffees, imported wines, or simply a refreshing Lao Beer: you should find everything helping your thirstiness at the Lodge’s bar. The bar stands under the famous elephant wooden sculpture, executed by talented local craftsmen, in the poolside restaurant. The garden terrace or the pool area are the perfect spots to enjoy drinks and a marvelous view of the sunset. At night time, a cozy lounge area is available next to the boutique with a selection of magazines and books.

Signature cocktail of the island

La Folie Mau Mau, the all time best seller of the Lodge: a refreshing blend of fresh limes and smooth rice alcohol, balanced by a touch of sweetness.

The Lao Khao (rice alcohol) is made on the island in a local distillery. Its mild taste blends perfectly with the acidity of local limes.

Beach BBQ

During the dry season, from November until May, the wide beach in front of the Lodge offers unique opportunities for dinners under the stars.

If you enjoy the feeling of sand between your toes, dancing flames of oil lamps, and the refreshing air of of the Mekong beach, our BBQ under the stars is a great way to create some memories.

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