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November 2016 – 12 Top Paradise Islands in Asia

“ … Near the stunning 4,000 islands of southern Laos (but actually a little further north) you will find the delightful island of Don Deang, which is delightfully chilled and incredibly relaxing. With just one (very gorgeous) hotel on the island, you can hire a bike and cycle the dusty paths of the village waving to curious children or observing the locals as they get on their day. A stay here is all about removing your watch and enjoying the slower pace of life; watch river life from the hotel’s private beach area or pool. or if you are feeling more adventurous you can explore the nearby coffee region (Bolaven Plateau) or cruise around the 4,000 islands. La Folie, the only hotel on the island, is a firm favourite of ours!  The stilted wooden lodges are delightfully appointed and luxuriously finished; it’s an exceptionally well run hotel and we can’t think of a lovelier place to unwind.”

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