On the island

The peaceful Done Daeng Island is located inside the Champassak Cultural and Natural Heritage Landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The island, about 11kms long and at the widest 5kms, with a population of about 1,500 natives, stands on the Mekong River, just opposite from Champassak Town. This small island is one of the national protected and preserved islands of the Mekong. No cars are allowed on the island. Lao culture and nature still flourish here. The locals are mainly rice farmers and fishermen.

Done Daeng island

Enjoy Don Daeng’s authenticity: unspoilt huge sand beaches crowded with fishermen and lazy buffaloes, wild forests and enchanting birds, plains of rice fields, local small villages with one floor typical wooden houses and numerous Buddhist temples.

But mainly meet with their charming and always smiling inhabitants and share their warm welcoming. This island, at one time, also was a part of Wat Phou sanctuary, reminded by The Brick Stupa hidden in the middle of the island. Other temple ruins and on rock sculptures were discovered under the river from the end of the island.

Bicycle tour on the island

The lodge provides complimentary bicycles (children bicycles also available) for the guests to explore the local life and treasures of Done Daeng Island.

Three different itineraries are available, all boundary stoned. The staff will be happy to give you a map of the island with all the points of interest, from the antique temple to rice fields as well as main villages and community projects developed by the lodge with the help of its guests.

Depending on the season, you might even stop to help with rice planting or with the crop!

Fishing on the Mekong

Should you wish to discover the different Mekong fish species, and/or new fishing techniques, the lodge would be happy to organize a trip with local fishermen. Please let the staff know should you be interested.

Community projects

Since its opening in 2008, the lodge has been developing, with the help of the guests, community projects on the island.

It ranges from the renovation of schools to the opening of a new dispensary, as well as building small bridges and motorcycle paths to enhance the quality of life of Done Daeng inhabitants.

You are welcome to visit the past and current projects over the island.


On special occasions or guest request, and depending on availability, we could arrange for various cultural activities in the Lodge, or in a traditional house at the neighboring village, such as a Baci ceremony for the blessings of good fortune.

We also can arrange a dinner performance by traditional Lao dancers and musicians from the island. Please get in touch with the staff should you be interested.